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Downtown Toronto's spot for great coffee and fun, spirited baristas. Check out our online shop for coffee and great merchandise!

The Classic Trio

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The Classic Trio

Ryan Maloney

It’s all about the coffee first

Ever feel intimidated by a coffee shop menu? In Toronto, never?! While it's nice to try something innovative and fun, you can't really go wrong with the classics. Start with the traditional Italian coffees like a latte or a cappuccino. Or perhaps a more modern take, out of Australia, with a flat white. While each contains the same 3 simple components, espresso, steamed milk, and foam they all feature it in different proportions giving each a unique coffee intensity. When you come by Jimmy's our amazing baristas can help you find the one that best suits you. Be warned, you could find yourself in a unexpectedly wacky conversation but that's what people love us for!