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Our Coffee

Our Coffee - Need some fuel?


Our Coffee beans are sourced by Classic Gourmet Coffee and locally roasted in Vaughan, Ontario. Classic Gourmet has been a proud partner of Jimmy’s Coffee since the day we opened our doors. While Classic Gourmet’s owner, John Rufino, was always driven by a fervent need to perfect the art of roasting coffee beans, he never imagined developing one of the leading coffee roasting operations in North America.

Fair trade and organic labels are limited to the growing and harvesting of the bean; however, Classic Gourmet’s work focuses on the finishing step of the raw material—roasting—before it’s ready to grind. Shocked by the environmental impact of many roasters, Classic Gourmet found a way to consume 77% less CO2 emissions and natural gas than traditional roasters of the same capacity. With ingenuity, passion and persistence, what started out as a quest for good coffee became the standard for green coffee roasting that North American companies aspire to.

Our staff at Jimmy’s Coffee benefits from trips to Classic Gourmet's roastery, where they learn about the production process: how beans are roasted, what methods are used, when they are roasted and when they are bagged. At Jimmy’s Coffee, we want our staff to be knowledgeable about Classic Gourmet’s approach to coffee and how it is roasted, enabling a greater experience for the customers.

Our blends


Hoffa Blend 

Our Espresso  

A mix of seven different origins that add complexity and depth to the flavour of the espresso. This allows the flavours of the espresso to reach more areas of the tasting palate.

Dean Blend

Our Medium Brew

 An intensely bright flavoured and full-bodied blend with a superb chocolate aroma

Hendrix Blend

Our Dark Brew

A full-bodied cup with a rich and nutty flavour and pleasant pungency.